Rivershore Wealth Planning

Fees & Minimums


There is no cost to have a meeting with me. However, if we decide that we would work well together I will be compensated by one or both of the following methods depending on the accounts we setup.

Fee based: You pay a fixed annual fee for service and advice that we set in advance of investing your money. This is expressed as an annual percentage and is not transaction based which means you do not pay a commission or sales charge when you buy or sell the mutual funds. This amount comes directly from your mutual fund each month and the amount and account are administered by Worldsource Financial Management (WFM).

Commissions & Trailer fees: These are paid to me by whichever investments fund company we choose to invest your money with. This arrangement is transaction based, which means you MAY pay a commission (also known as sales charges or loads) when you buy or sell units/shares of an investment fund. Funds can be arranged in a front-end sales charge, back-end sales charge, low sales charge or no sales charge structure. These sales charges are set by the mutual fund company and will be discussed in detail with you and prior to any final decision being made. In addition, mutual fund companies also pay me a trailer fee each year based on the value of your investment. They pay me a trailer fee for as long as you own the fund. The trailer fee is blended into the Management Expense Ratio (MER) of the fund and is administered by the mutual fund company


My services are best suited for those who have: 
Pre-retired = $100,000 in investable assets
Retired = $250,000 in investable assets 

“My wife and I met Joel a little more than seven years ago. We didn't have any kind of pension plan through work and only a little money in the bank for investments and retirement. The money we had in the bank never grew much and we didn’t get much service either. After meeting Joel and developing a plan we are on target to retire with our mortgage paid off and enough to live on a decent yearly income. I wish that I would have met someone like him when I was thirty, I might be retired right now. The thing I like about Joel is he cares not just about your money but your happiness. I would not hesitate to recommend Joel to anyone.”

Mike & Lisa
Laborer & Home Maker, (Abbotsford, BC)

“We would like to highly recommend Joel as a personal financial advisor. Having known him for many years he has grown to be a very trustworthy friend and advisor. We have found that he treats our financial well-being as he would his own, always communicating with us in a patient and professional manner. We are completely confident in Joel’s guidance with our investments and planning for the future.”

Ralph & Jacqueline
Retired, (Abbotsford, BC)

“Joel has been managing our investments for the past 9 years since 2008. My wife and I find Joel to be consistently professional, genuine, honest and always looking out for our best interests. He took the time to earn our trust and we are proud to have him not only as our financial planner, but as our friend.”

Edwin & Pheobe
Finance Manager & Nurse, (Burnaby, BC)